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 Wallace, Anya
 Posted: Apr 18 2014, 05:18 PM
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ANYAWALLACE-------------------------------------------------------------25TANGIERS SYSTEMTANGIERS SYSTEM-------------------------------------------------------------$250k BOUNTYBiographyAnya from a young age experienced self dependency. She was alone most of her childhood as her father was reported along with her step mother to have been alcoholics. While apparently not taking kindly to her life she murdered her parents in cold blood and left her home; later authorities uncovered the bodies after a few days; resulting in a foul smell. She has for the past few years eluded authorities onto her whereabouts but she was in fact spotted again on her home system of Tangier.Conditions for CaptureConditions for her capture is dead or alive, however if dead the bounty will be cut in half. She is wanted for the cold blooded murder of her parents and faces life in prison. Harmed, injured and or beaten wont affect the bounty as long as she is still living, for her capture any means are necessary. vital informationShe works alone from the information that we have gathered and is very skilled in weaponry. She was involved in many fights as a child so one would see her as a skilled murderer. She likes tiny daggers or small weapons but she has been heard of using anything resourceful. Sponsored by THE COMPANY & THE ALLIANCE

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