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 Member Groups
The Company
 Posted: Jan 5 2014, 12:47 PM
The Company
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The membergroups
In order to properly understand the rankings or member groups here they are going to be explained below. This is not someone's species but more like the type of profession they have chosen to be. Anyone in these categories can be from any planet or race, except one. Furyans are going to be limited right now to the three on the canon list. No more unless discussed with staff. Outside of that, anyone is free to be in any member group they wish.
The Civilians
Anyone that is simply a person, living on a planet with a job. Civilians are not military, mercenaries or convicts. Most of the people in the world are considered civilians. There is no limit to what kind of jobs they can do or what tasks they accomplish. Civilians can be found on merchant ships, and even merc ships if they aren't careful. This is the largest population of the planetary systems.
The Convicts
Anyone housed within the prison planets or convicted of a crime on their way to a prison planet. Convicts are a large population, whether people want to admit it or not. It's rare for them to escape but it happens, especially in the single-max slams. There's only been one officially known person to escape all three triple-max slams so far. That doesn't mean that it's not possible but the numbers of escaped convicts is smaller than the number of actual convicts within the system. Be careful if you're one, you never know when someone might be trying to create an uprising and kill everyone.
The emissaries
These are the planetary ambassadors. Most are from the Elemental race but others can be from other races and planets. They seek to help the world and offer their advice and support. Most come with a small contingent of soldiers from their own home planet in order to ensure their own safety. The world needs more ambassadors, especially if anyone wishes to garner peace in the world.
The Flight Crew
Anyone that works on an official ship that isn't a mercenary is part of the flight crew. Captains, navigators, docking pilots and the like. They work on merchant vessels, cargo ships all of them. There are untold numbers of flight crew's out there you just have to find the right one for you. Training and preparation. That's what it takes to get to the top and become captain. It's a job a lot of people envy. Being a part of a flight crew means money and prestige.
The Mercenaries
Who doesn't love a good bounty hunter? Most are former military that have been kicked out from some reason or another. Most mercs are not nice. They have more innocent blood on their hands than half the convicts in the triple-max slams. Mercs will stop at nothing to get their payday, and they will do whatever it takes to cash them in. Most of them help set the bounties on the convicts so that they have something to fight over and get paid.
The Military
The Company and The Alliance are the two military units. Both have special ops teams and both are formidable. The Company seems to have slightly better trained soldiers and more fighter pilots than the Alliance. Either way if you are a part of the military you serve under one of these two units. Just be careful. Corruption is known to run rampant through these areas as they are considered the highest level of 'justice' in the world.
The Necromongers
Little is known about the necromongers other than that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their first leader was dubbed the Lord Marshal and he seeks a place called the Underverse. It's their holy land, their promised land and they will kill or convert anyone who stands in their way of finding it. At least that was the idea before the seventh Lord Marshall took over. Currently the leader is a Richard B. Riddick because in the Necromonger faith, you keep what you kill. He's not the acting leader but he still holds the official title. These are undead or half-dead men and women with more power than sense at times.
The Police
Local and planetary law enforcement. They tend to be smarter and less egotistical than the mercs. Most police don't bother going after the convicts, they know they don't stand a chance. Most of the police are local to the planets they are trying to guard and protect. Normally arresting people and holding them for the mercenaries to come and collect and take off-world to prison planets.
The Prison Officials
The prison bosses and guards. Anyone that works in a prison planet that isn't a convict is considered a prison official. Some are former military and they are either sent by The Company or The Alliance. Most planets guards change every month or so and they aren't really all that tough. The prison bosses are the ones that decide how much to pay out for a bounty and what kind of bounty they will charge if someone were to escape. They hold a lot of power.
The Others
Others are a group that will contain those that dont fit in any other category. Those that just are different from others or have a certain species we havent listed. We will review those apps and see if they need to be placed here.
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