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 Weekly Credits Claim, post in here once a week.
The Company
 Posted: Jan 27 2014, 07:44 PM
The Company
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Weekly Income
So most people have a job. Unless you're a layabout like my brother but we won't go into that. Here at Worlds Unknown<./b> we wanted to mimic something similar to a job. This will be a claim that you can request weekly. This is a way to a) make sure that you get paid for your participation on the site by way of money in your characters bank account and b ) a way to keep track of how much you have and what you've spent at the store. The idea here is to also award you something that you can later use.

Here's how this is going to break down. At the end of the week, either Friday's or Saturdays (I will allow both days) you will reply with the code filled out to the best of your ability. You may post as each character you. The more characters the more that can earn money. We will consider this like a weekly paycheck for what you've done around the site. Mostly it's about posting but other things can count such as taking wanted adds, helping someone by making graphics or helping with choosing a playby. All kinds of things help.

[B]YOUR ALIAS:[/B] [B]CHARACTERS NAME:[/B] [B]HOW MANY POSTS HAVE YOU MADE THIS WEEK?:[/B] [B]ARE YOU CLAIMING THE WEEKLY CREDIT?:[/B] $500. [B]HAVE YOU DONE EXTRA THINGS?:[/B] anything outside of posting will earn you $150 extra credits. [b]CURRENT CREDIT AMOUNT:[/B] How much does your account say you have? [b]TOTAL AFTER WEEKLY ADDITION:[/B] How much should you have when we add this up?

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