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 Canon List
The Company
 Posted: Jan 5 2014, 01:21 PM
The Company
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The Canon's
This is the canon list for the site. As you can tell it's small. What this means is that the people here are vital to the main plot lines and some side plots. If you don't see a canon here that you want to play, don't worry just ask one of the admins and we will discuss it. We do allow canons to be added here that weren't already a part of the list. If a canons says contact staff please send a message to THE COMPANY when you register. It is mostly to make sure that certain specific details about the canon are covered in the application. To reserve your canon please visit the canon reservation page. Any reservations will be reflected here as well.

Known the universe over as a mass murderer and escaped convict, Riddick likes having people scared of him. He's got a past that no one knows about, a past he'd rather keep silent except maybe to his mate and lover. At thirty five he's actually got quite a few accomplishments in his life. Born an orphan, and until recently unsure of his own past, Riddick bounced from foster home to foster home. It's given him a unique perspective on life. He's a hardened convict with a soft spot for kids and he knows people know it. One thing to know about Riddick. He's escaped seven prisons, three of which had triple-max areas and he's never looked back. He never stays in one area for too long. He currently holds the title of Lord Marshal Riddick, seventh lord marshal of the Necromonger Empire, until he abdicates or someone kills him for it.
convict » 35 »
vin diesel
Autumn was born in Butcher Bay. She's the only known child born and survived in that hell. Her mother was an ambassador to Furya and her father was a primarch and second in command. She met her mate, and lover Richard B. Riddick on the fateful crashing of the Hunter Gratzner. She's as much an animal as he is. They've been together for a decade and she has no plans to leave him. They are perfect together and as the last of their kind desperate to find their homeworld. She is always by his side and is quite a skilled fighter. She doesn't talk like someone that grew up in the penal system, due to her having a mentor and teacher named Matlock in the Bay. She could pass as a lady, if she wasn't so recognizable with Riddick at her side. Her current title is Lady Marshal Autumn until such a time as Riddick loses the title as well.
convict » 35 »
gal gadot
Father to the former merc William J. Johns, Boss Johns has his own ship and runs his own crew. He spent ten years trying to find out what happened to his son and finally found Riddick. The two had words but in the end Johns got Riddick of another planet and the two agreed to settle their differences later. He's not a bad man, for a merc. He's kind of nice and doesn't really feel like hurting people just for information. What the future holds for him he doesn't know but he does know, where Riddick, and subsequently Autumn are if he ever needed to cash in on the bounty.
mercenary » AGE »
matt nable
-- -- DAHL
Dahl is the second in command to Boss Johns and she's a mercenary sniper. She's had former military training but chose to take it down the path as a bounty hunter. She's not a bad lady a bit hard around the edges and she doesn't take crap from men. When she was on the hunt for Riddick, Dahl and Autumn came to an understanding. They wouldn't try to kill each other if the other person didn't try to hurt either Boss Johns or Riddick. She's probably the only other person in the universe right now that knows the convicts secrets.
mercenary sniper » AGE »
katee sackhoff
Luna is an interesting young man. He was part of a crew on the merc ship belonging to Santana. Yet he managed to e the only one still alive. He isn't a bad guy, doesn't want to hurt people. He's a preacher really or at least someone that is into religion. He tries to help in more ways than people can understand. He tended to Autumn's wounds at one point and earned her trust. He sees how dangerous it is to be a merc but he still hopes to at least be able to help the convicts they capture before sending them to a slam.
mercenary preacher » 23 »
nolan gerard funk
Vaako is a necromonger commander. Earned the title First Among which is a promotion to Commander General. He was poised to step in and take over as Lord Marshal but Riddick beat him to the tittle. Vaako understands the fierce and loyal warrior that Riddick is and made a deal with the Furyan. He would tell him where Furya was if Riddick would step down as Lord Marshal and allow him to take it over. The deal was brokered but another necromonger got in the way and tried to thwart the plans. Currently, Vaako is searching the verse for Riddick and Autumn, the leaders of their race. He wants to make things right before he meets his untimely death.
necromonger » 150 (35) »
karl urban
Dame Vaako is the wife of Commander Vaako. She's always scheming and always plotting. She's not happy with her station in life and wants to be the wife of someone very powerful. She was a full backer of the plan between Riddick and Vaako as it would allow her to assume the role of Lady Marshal. She's been working with her husband Siberius to try to find the two convicts and make things right. She saw the skill and finesse they used to dispose of the last Lord Marshal and how dangerous it is to cross them. Her only goal right now is to do whatever it takes to achieve that station, even above helping to convert others to the race.
necromonger » 142 (27) »
thandie newton
aereon -- --
Aereon is an emissary from the Elemental race. She is the reason that Riddick and Autumn took on the Necromongers in the first place. After she watched Riddick succeed to the throne as the seventh Lord Marshal she vanished but no one knows why. Her people always calculate, and she hasn't stopped. If she's got another scheme planned no one knows. What is known is that she is tracking the two convicts, trying to find them and force them into accepting their true path. She believes they can help rebuild not only Furya but the other destroyed worlds. If only they would allow it. She considers herself a silent ally to the two whether they agree or not.
emissary » age »
judi dench
Jack "Kyra" B. Badd
So the history of Jack hasn't changed, except that Autumn was a part of everything. Autumn thought of the young woman as a little sister but it was too dangers for either her or Riddick to keep her with them. The last we saw of Kyra she was dead, killed by Lord Marshal Zhylaw as he tried to kill Riddick. Only she's not completely dead. There's a part of her that went to the Underverse upon her conversion. That part of her is still alive. She figures out that there's a way to return from the underverse, a way that someone other than the Lord Marshal can manage. She takes it. She's back but she's not as she was. The other Necros don't know what to do with her and she's searching for Riddick and Autumn trying to figure out what happened to the only family she has left.
necro (deceased) » 17 »
Alexa Davalos
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