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 Catch Me If You Can, the event
The Company
 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 05:55 PM
The Company
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Catch Me If You Can
the event

Catch Me If You Can is the first site-wide event launched here at Worlds Unknown. For one full month, starting on Friday, April 25th, you will be able to do a short app to create a mercenary. The goal? Why catching one Richard B. Riddick of course. You see, his mate is in the Bay, and he's tearing the 'verse apart to find her. One, or a group of you if you are smart, will be lucky enough to land the biggest payday to ever grace your hands. There's a catch though. After all, Riddick isn't easy to catch or he'd have been back in prison long ago.

The rules are simple. Just because you make a merc doesn't mean that merc will win or that they will stay alive. We want mercs to die off, letting Riddick escape in the only way he knows how, by killing. So please keep that in mind when you are making them. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that lives, your character will have been injured at one port or another during the postings, you may switch your application to our regular ones after the events. You do not have officially claim your face and people can use ones that aren't currently taken on the existing face claim.

For this event we will only be posting in the boards in this category. Do not post for this event outside the event board. We do not want to cause confusion. Every Merc has a chance to stop at certain 'Safe Houses' where they can get anything from refueling to medical help. It all depends on where you are and how good you are. Please note, that Riddick as well will have a few safe houses with which to hide from you. Whats the fun if he's always out in the open. Please also bare in mind that THE COMPANY also plays Riddick and she will be doing a lot of posting so please try to be patient. I will not god mod but he is a very unpredictable person. There will be injuries, there is no way around it. If he doesn't go for the kill, he will go to injure.

Once you have made your character we do ask that you decide if you are going to be solo or in a group. A group has a better chance against the animal that is the Furyan King. It's your choice though. Teams have to split the bounty between them. Each person that signs up will get their name posted and a point tally created. For every merc you make that merc is awarded 10 points For everyone that volunteers to die you will earn 20 points that can be moved over to a living merc. Each post you make is worth 50 points and every time you have to hit up a safe house you will lose 10 points. That's only fair since your character will be restricted to posting only at the safe house until they are 'free' to go. For anything that is unethical or horrible that you do in post you will lose points. It will range depending on the crime. Killing children or hurting the innocents are a sure way to get Riddick in kill mode. The individual or team with the highest points will be the ones that actually catch Riddick.

Please note that if you are a merc you will be expected to start the thread for Riddick. You may PM me with the links or mention them in the cbox or tag me in the tag box. Just be patient as I try to reply. Since they are hunting him, we would like it if the Merc's set the scene and the time frame. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask us.

Now that's the first half of the event. It's all about catching him and getting him to Butcher Bay. Once he's in the bay the second half of our event beings. You will be able to make a group of convicts that can escape with him and Autumn. You will only get to escape, after that he isn't responsible for you. Please keep in mind that there is a chance that you can be recaptured by the mercs from the above event. The only two guaranteed freedom are Riddick and Autumn. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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