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 Mercenary Signup, Dead or Alive?
The Company
 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 06:15 PM
The Company
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Mercenary Sign-Ups
When hunting a convict not everyone gets to live. This could be your chance to have fun with a new character that you just want to use for this event, or you feel you could get attached to them and wish to keep them and make them a part of this site after the event. Its your call, if you want your merc to live during this event or die by the hand of Riddick. We might put a cap on either or, depending on the numbers. Some have to die, Riddick doesnt ever leave that many survivors, which gives you a chance to create more characters. We'd like both, those who will die at the hand of Riddick or survive for a chance to join us on the site if you get attached. Fun way to try out a new character's reigns before you commit. You can choose to die later if you decide you dont want to play the character anymore and allow Riddick to end you. Happy hunting!

[b]first middle initial last[/b] • Dying or staying alive during event?<br>
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