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 Safe House Rules
The Company
 Posted: Apr 24 2014, 04:57 PM
The Company
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Safe Houses
the rules

Alright so for the event we have set up safe houses. Places where you can have your character rest, refuel and gather supplies. There is a penalty for being here, but it is a place that you will eventually have to stop at. No ship has unlimited fuel and no one has unlimited supplies please keep that in mind. Officially there are three safe houses for each side. Alpha, Beta and Charlie are the merc safe houses and each one hold different things. Dragon Corp, Panther Pub and Lion Salvage Yard are the convict safe houses. The only one that is special is Mirela. She only serves as a safe house for Riddick. No one else.

As mentioned in the main rules, docking here will cost you points that you will have to make up by posting more. However, there is no fee for the supplies but they are not infinite. Do not under any circumstances think that you can just hang out here constantly gathering the medical supplies or fuel. Resources are finite even here. Once you've had your turn please allow others the same courtesy. With that being said we do have some rules about the safe houses. For the Mercs. no more than 3 groups or 5 individual players at one safe house at a time. This is to avoid it being crowded and for bad things to happen. For convicts No more than five people at one safe house. We don't expect the convicts to be in groups, they rarely are on the run.

Posting at the safe houses will be done between your character and the Site NPC that will be manned by one of the admins or moderators. You can also post with the other mercs and groups but keep in mind there is a plot to be had in all of the posting.

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